Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

Experience our cutting-edge system for accepting cryptocurrency payments, exchanging digital assets, and securely storing them in a centralized wallet—all in one convenient platform.

Seamlessly integrate Xprocoins into your current system using our robust API

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Unleashing Crypto Solutions for a Digital Future

Welcome to Xprocoins! Our innovative platform offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technology, tailored to meet your diverse financial needs. If you are a business looking to streamline your digital currency transactions, we have you covered!
Secure Wallets


Secure Wallet

Xprocoins is partnered with industry leading, licensed third-party providers for secure custody of cryptocurrencies.

Assets are secured with a combination of multiparty compute custody and secure hot and cold storage

Support for holding the most commonly used cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT)


Send Crypto Bills

Once you’ve signed up with Xprocoins, you can send crypto bills right away without having to spend any further time on setup or scripting. Using our user-friendly Quickpay feature, you can generate a payment link in just moments.

Create crypto bills fast and hassle-free

Share the payment links you create for instant payments in cryptocurrency

Instant crypto conversions and payouts


Instant crypto conversions and payouts

Easily transfer cryptocurrencies to your external wallet or instantly exchange your owned cryptocurrency into other available currencies on the platform.

Instant crypto-to-crypto conversion

Withdraw your cryptocurrencies to your external wallet anytime